Human body in action

In close collaboration for several months, the QUANTEL MEDICAL brand, subsidiary of the Quantel Group, has once again renewed us its trust. Specializing in laser and ultrasonic technologies since the 1970s, the Quantel group is one of the world leaders in ophthalmology, present in more than 110 countries.

In April 2019, the brand recently opened to a new market launched its new range of Point-of-Care Evotouch: portable and voice-operated, this new technology has the particularity of being equipped with high definition imaging and probes that guarantee an intuitive grip.

After working in graphic and 3D animation for the Vitra 2 and Compact Touch, we used the skills of our team again to carefully recompose the human body and the Evotouch in action by revealing to the users the ergonomics and technicality of the process imagined by the brand.

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